Metal Burger 19.09 Bar Ö


September 19 - 22:00


September 20 - 04:00

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Bar Ö

Linnankatu 7

Turku, Finland, 20100

A club music and electronica night time treat for those who break out onto the dark and primitive dance floor by coming together to experience the sounds of the digital age.

22.00 Kai Lex
00.00 Valve Pettersen [BASEMENT GREY] (Live)
01.00 Xavier De La Huerta
02.30 Rodoji

Metal Burger prioritises the dance space as a safe place for everyone and will not tolerate harassment, inclusivity or any other purveyors of negative energy.

The event will be free of charge. Donations are also warmly accepted to help cover the costs of the efforts from the event organisers.

Linnankatu 7, Turku

Opening hours
Mon – Thu 16 – 02
Fri – Sat 16 – 04.30
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