Movie night at Bar Ö


April 16



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Bar Ö

Linnankatu 7

Turku, Finland, 20100

Join Jus Cogens on a movie night at Bar Ö on Tue 16th April!

We'll put the movie on at 6.30pm, but feel free to come earlier.

The event is free of charge and open for all. Drinks and snacks can be bought from Bar Ö.

Hope to see you there!

Information about the movie Ellos Eatnu - La Elva Leve:
The alta conflict was a 12 year struggle for both nature and Sami rights that left lasting marks.
Hunger strikes and chain gangs - the fight against hydropower in the alta river became fierce.

The movie shows what was truly at stake in this conflict - it was a fight for the Alta river, but even more so a fight for the survival of the sami people.

In the movie we get to follow Ester, who has been hiding her sami identity her whole life. Now suddenly she finds herself in the middle of the historic Alta-conflict.

There is a scene showing a suicide, but the scene is contextualised and not speculative.

Linnankatu 7, Turku

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Mon – Thu 16 – 02
Fri – Sat 16 – 04.30
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