Puistelo Festival-Night event


July 3 - 21:00


July 4 - 04:30

Puistelo dj`s and guests will bring you the more danceable side of Puistelo sounds all night long.
Music will be versatile and knee-liftable.
Come and love!
>>> BOOT <<<
>>> JOHN MAJOR <<<
Any kind of harassment, disruptive behaviour, excessive intoxication or smoking indoors are strictly prohibited. We will intervene with any misconduct immediately as it comes to our attention and anyone misbehaving will be removed from the event and will risk being banned from our future events. If someone makes you feel uncomfortable, please inform the organizers or the venue staff immediately.
Free entry!!!!!

Linnankatu 7, Turku

Opening hours
Mon – Thu 16 – 02
Fri – Sat 16 – 04.30
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