Vinokino Docs Turku / Pier Kids


October 20


18:00 - 19:40

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Bar event

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Bar Ö

Linnankatu 7

Turku, Finland, 20100

Maksuton Vinokino Docs -näytös Bar Ö:ssä tiistaina 20.10. klo 18.00. Tuore yhdysvaltalaisdokumentti Pier Kids seuraa kolmen mustan, kodittoman nuoren elämää, jonka keskuksena on kotoaan lähteneiden ja kotoaan häädettyjen seksuaali- ja sukupuolivähemmistöjen turvapaikaksi muodostunut Christopher Street Pier.

Pier Kids follows Casper, Desean, and Krystal, three homeless queer black youth as they navigate the streets, welfare, and their biological families in order to find stable housing. Along the way, the film brings light to an underground community of Pier Kids.

The film wants to put the viewer in the skin of the pier kids because it hopes to show what happens to gay youth when they are kicked out. The film follows these youth over the course of five years to understand what it means to be black and queer 50 years after Stonewall...

The film interrogates the meaning of community within at risk LGBT youth of color and also the larger gay community.Casper, a trans attracted young black man, is left vulnerable in his pursuit for true love while navigating homelessness. Desean is at a critical point in that he is navigating a reality where committing a crime or getting HIV is might be the best alternative to escape homelessness. Krystal utilizes the ballroom scene as a way to survive but is forced to go back to her blood family for support when her gay family proves unable to help her. Face to face, Krystal and her birth mother realize that their mutual love of gospel is the only thing they can agree on when it comes to Krystal’s identity.

Maks. katsojamäärä: 42

Ohjaus: Elegance Bratton
Ikäraja: 12
Kieli: englanti, (ei suomenkielistä tekstitystä)
Kesto: 96 min
Tuotantomaa ja vuosi: USA 2019

Linnankatu 7, Turku

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