World Disco - DJ’s Yours Truly & J. Slammin’


March 17 - 22:00


March 18 - 04:00

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Bar event

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Bar Ö

Linnankatu 7

Turku, Finland, 20100

World Disco is cross-pollination of musical influences between different countries and continents suitable for both dancing and listening. The word "Disco" in the club's name refers to the word's original meaning of discotheque; a club where dance music is played.

You might hear funk from Somalia to Suriname, disco from Albania to Antilles, soul from Japan to Jamaica, house from Italy to Iceland and quiet storm from Spain to South Africa. Come experience the cornucopia of music the world has to offer!

DJ’s Yours Truly & J. Slammin’

Linnankatu 7, Turku

Opening hours
Mon – Thu 16 – 02
Fri – Sat 16 – 04.30
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