Bar Ö
Mon – Thu 15.00 – 01.00
Fri – Sat 15.00 – 01.00

The Bar

Bar Ö is a cozy and laid-back café/bar next to the Turku library. 

Beers, wines, tapas, sofas, dj's, gigs, arts & stuff.  Smoothest in town.

Contact us

tel. +358 40 0230332
(opening hours only, no booking offers)

Booking offers:
All messages will be processed, but unfortunately we cannot reply to all booking offers.

Accessibility info

Bar Ö is located on ground level. There are 2 doorsteps (5 + 15 cm high) in front of the door, and two 12 cm steps in the entry passage. The doorway is 85 cm wide. 

An accessible entrance with a ramp is located at the back of the bar, on the inner yard accessed from Linnankatu. This doorway is 110 cm wide.

1 accessible restroom is situated behind the bar counter. The restroom door is 84 cm wide. All restrooms are unisex, two of them are also equipped with urinals.

The sidewalk terrace is accessible with wheelchair.
The new parklet terrace is unfortunately not accessible. There is a ~4cm high threshold at the terrace entrance. Tables and benches fill up the terrace space.
Linnankatu 7, Turku

Opening hours
Mon – Thu 15.00 – 01.00
Fri – Sat 15.00 – 01.00
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